Annual Garage Sale 9/22/18 8AM-12PM

Garage Sale

Do not place signs on property you do not own!

WEATHER UPDATE:   Advertisements and notices are out there, so getting the word out to the general public about cancelling the garage sale would be nearly impossible at this time.  Each homeowner can decide whether they want to have their sale on 9/15.   Depending on the weather, we may schedule a second sale date.

9/17/18: We know you worked very hard getting your sale items ready so we want to reschedule the Garage Sale for as soon as possible.  We are waiting to hear from the Post & Courier today on getting a rush ad in the paper to schedule the sale for 9/22.

Sale rescheduled for 9/22/18!

The HOA Sponsored Annual Pine Forest Neighborhood Yard Sale is always held on the 3rd Saturday of September from 8am to 12pm.  RAIN or SHINE!

This is a long-standing event that attracts many shoppers year after year.

Newspaper advertisements are placed by the homeowners association.   The HOA places signs at neighborhood entrances before and during the event.

Homeowners setup sales on their own property. The HOA places newspaper advertisements and pays extra for a larger, highlighted ad. Individual homeowners may also place a newspaper ad at their own expense, if desired. Homeowners are encouraged to share the sale information on social media, etc. Signs should not be placed on the property of others – including neighborhood entrances, common areas, etc. Be respectful of your neighbors in all ways – parking, noise, cleanup, etc. All garage sale materials need to be cleaned up on the same day as the sale. If you are in the Legacy section, contact that HOA for information and restrictions.

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Newspaper ad: