Architectural Review Board

Required ARB Proposal Form

Completion of this Proposal Form is required for all renovations, modifications, or additions to home or lot.
(examples: roof, sunroom, garage, room addition, fence, storage building, shed, pool, hot tub, deck, patio, pavement, solar, pond, etc.)

Fine Policy

Please familiarize yourself with the PFCCCA, Inc. Fine Policy.

Key Points Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing and Solar Panels

All roofing shingles must be black in color — architectural or 30 year shingles are advised.  Solar panels will only be considered for approval when proposed placement is on the rear roof.  Solar panels proposed on the front or side roof will not be considered or approved.


No vehicular parking on streets overnight.  Parking is enforced by the Town of Summerville.


No signage is to be placed in public right of ways, common areas, street corners, etc.  The HOA may place signage pertinent to the community as a whole in these areas.  Signage such as FOR SALE, OPEN HOUSE, etc., may be placed only on the specific lot where the activity is taking place.


Mailboxes must be black (post and boxes).

Boats, Trailers, etc.

No boats, trailers, campers, etc., may be parked in driveways or yards.

Moving PODs

PODs or storage bins may be used during the moving period only.


All dogs must be walked on leashes and waste tended to by dog owner.

Home Additions

Any and all exterior additions shall be presented to the ARB through this review request Proposal Form. This includes fences, sheds, sunrooms, additions, etc.

Wood fencing is to be wood with 1″ spacing between boards and scalloped/swagged.

Black metal fencing is allowed.

Swimming Pools

All pools require approval.  Above ground pools are not allowed and will not be approved.

Yard Sale

The HOA sponsors one (1) community garage sale annually.  The sale is held on the third Saturday in September.

Air Conditioners | HVAC

Window units are not allowed.

Tree Removal

Homeowners frequently inquire about tree removal.  The Town of Summerville’s Tree Protection Ordinance is in place because the citizens of the town and Town Council recognize the importance of preserving the natural landscape through the protection of existing trees.

Here is a link to the Town of Summerville laws regarding the removal of trees.

Trash Cans in View from Street

The neighborhood covenants require that all trash and recycle containers be stored so that they are not viewable from the street.

Trash and recycle containers should be placed on the street no earlier than the evening before pickup. Trash and recycle containers should be removed from the street on the same day as pickup.

Yard Waste

Yard waste pickup is every Thursday. Try to avoid placing yard waste beside the road prior to Wednesday.


Pooper Scooper

Please clean up after your pet! Use a pooper scooper even in the areas that may seem acceptable for deposits; other pet owners will surely appreciate a clean place to walk.