The Gables at Pine Forest Community

Pine Forest Country Club Community Association, Inc. is now handling the administrative function of collecting annual HOA dues for The Gables at Pine Forest Community HOA which covers all homes located in The Gables section. The Master Architectural Review Board will also be handling all ARB matters for the Gables.

Annual HOA dues are due by May 31st.

Send dues and all dues correspondence to:
P.O. Box 2134
Summerville, SC 29484

Request a Verification of HOA Dues Payment


More Information About The Gables

Contact for The Gables


Fine Policy

PFCCCA, Inc. Fine Policy

Authority to impose fine is covered under Article V, Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors,

Section 1. Powers.  The Board of Directors shall have power to:

  • Adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of  the Common Properties, Restricted Common Properties and Purchased Common Properties, and the personal conduct of the members and their guests thereon, and to establish penalties for the infraction thereof.

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garage sale

Annual Garage Sale 9/21/24 8AM-12PM

Do not place signs on property you do not own!

The HOA Sponsored Annual Pine Forest Neighborhood Yard Sale is always held on the 3rd Saturday of September from 8am to 12pm.  RAIN or SHINE!

This is a long-standing event that attracts many shoppers year after year.

Newspaper advertisements are placed by the homeowners association.   The HOA places signs at neighborhood entrances before and during the event.

Homeowners setup sales on their own property. The HOA places newspaper advertisements and pays extra for a larger, highlighted ad. Individual homeowners may also place a newspaper ad at their own expense, if desired. Homeowners are encouraged to share the sale information on social media, etc. Signs should not be placed on the property of others – including neighborhood entrances, common areas, etc. Be respectful of your neighbors in all ways – parking, noise, cleanup, etc. All garage sale materials need to be cleaned up on the same day as the sale. If your home is located in the Legacy section, be sure to also follow the rules and regulations of your Legacy at Pine Forest HOA.

Please email your questions to


parking on street


Parking on the Street

The board has received complaints and concerns about cars being parked on the street often and for extended periods of time. Please be courteous to your neighbors and refrain from on-street parking in our neighborhood.  Please see the Town of Summerville Municipal Code on parking.

In the Legacy at Pine Forest section, parking on the street is prohibited by the covenants (see page 57). Contact CMG for more information.

Commercially Signed Vehicles

No commercially signed work vehicles shall be parked overnight in driveways or yards.

Boat Camper

Violation of Covenants – Trash Cans, Boats, Trailers, Campers, etc.

In an effort to maintain the appeal, integrity and property values of our beautiful neighborhood, the Pine Forest Country Club Community Association, Inc. would like to remind residents of a few of the covenants which make Pine Forest a highly desirable and acclaimed Lowcountry community:

“No utility trailer, camper, recreational vehicle, boat, tent,
barn, tree house, steel building, or other similar outbuilding or structure shall be placed on any lot at any time, either temporarily or permanently….”

“Each lot owner shall provide a screened area not generally visible from the road to serve as a service yard and an area for the storage of garbage receptacles and fuel tanks or similar storage receptacles….”

Unfortunately, a number of residents are in violation of the above covenants. We respectfully request that anyone in violation please take corrective action. If you notice a neighbor violating a covenant, please encourage them to adhere to the rules which were established to maintain the allure and character of our community. We are specifically urging all residents to please remove all boats, trailers, etc., from your property. We also ask that you place your garbage cans and receptacles in an area where they out of sight from the road, golf course and other residents.

Thank you for your time. Adhering to these covenants will benefit us all as we strive to ensure Pine Forest remains an attractive and highly sought-after Lowcountry community!

The Board of Directors
Pine Forrest Country Club Community Association, Inc.

Street Light

Street Lights

Please report street light outage.  If you see a street light out, please call Dominion Energy at
1-800-251-7234  and give them the number that is located on a silver metal plaque on each post.  They usually come right out and take care of it.

Golf carts

Golf Cart Laws

It is important for everyone to know the laws governing golf carts.

The Summerville police department is responsible for enforcing these laws.

If you have a valid driver’s license, you may drive the golf cart during the day within four miles of your home or business and on secondary highways.


Architectural Review Board

Completion of a Proposal Form is required for any renovations, modifications, or additions to home or lot.

Speed Bump

Speed Bumps, Speed Humps, Traffic Calming

Several residents have mentioned wanting more information about how they can petition for speed bumps or speed humps on their street.

NOTE: The HOA has heard from homeowners who would like speed bumps, as well as from homeowners who oppose speed bumps.

Any homeowners interested in pursuing the matter must follow the Town’s Traffic Calming Policy which can be downloaded here (PDF).

In Summary:

  1. A petition (51% of residents) and Town Council approval is required.
  2. The installation must meet the appropriate volume and speed criteria.
  3. Neighborhood residents are responsible for funding. The Town of Summerville shall not fund speed humps.

Mailbox Information

All mailboxes and posts must be black.   Mailbox coverings or artwork are not allowed.

Mr. Chad Thompson handles mailbox installation and repairs.  He is happy to help and often has the parts available.

Call Chad Thompson 843-814-5821

Charges vary depending on the scope of work for repairs.
Homeowners are responsible for mailbox repair charges, not the HOA.